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Fiddling With Your Roof—What You Need to Know about Evergreen roofing contractors

Before you risk life and limb on a ladder, we recommend you stay at ground level and use binoculars to spot cracked, curled, or missing shingles—often signs that your roof is in need of repair or replacement. Your Evergreen roofing contractor should help you notice these defects.

In addition to examining the shingles, make sure to check the flashing around chimneys, skylights, and roof valleys, as well as the rubber boots around vents for cracks.

If you have an existing leak, or suspect you need a new roof, we strongly recommend consulting your professional Evergreen CO roofing contractor. They are trained to assess damage and make recommendations on materials, and they’re equipped with proper safety gear.

Evergreen Roofing Contractor

Required Reading before hiring your Evergreen Roofing contractor

Layering Twice is Not so Nice
Your Evergreen roofing contractor should know if you need a new roof, and two layers of roofing are already in place, building codes require stripping the roofing down to the sheathing. Most homes are strong enough to support two layers of roofing, but installing some of the heavier laminated shingles over even a single layer may over stress rafters and other structural parts of your home. If you are considering doubling up, check the manufacturer’s warranty of the new roofing material to make sure it covers that type of usage.

Another important reason to consider complete removal before re-roofing is to have your Evergreen roofing contractor will check for rot, water damage, or insect infestation underneath. Figure on an extra $100 per 100 square feet to strip off and dispose of the old shingles.

Whenever a new roof is installed—or if old shingles are being removed—you’ll need new underlayment (roofing felt) to create a moisture barrier between the roofing and the wood sheathing and rafters underneath. The sheathing may also have to be replaced if it’s damaged.

Estimating Costs
Suppliers sell roofing by the square, or 100-square-foot area. Your Evergreen Colorado roofing contractor should know how to estimate how much roofing you’ll need, multiply the overall length and width of each roof section in feet to measure its area and add 10 percent to allow for waste. Then divide by 100 to determine how many squares you’ll need. Figure on about 30 squares for a typical 2,300-square-foot house, plus roughly $3,500 to $10,000 for labor. Keep an extra bundle of shingles for minor repairs, like after a heavy storm.

The Solar Factor
If you’re considering going solar and also replacing your roof, it would be best to have them installed at the same time. Ideally, a structural engineer as well as a Evergreen roofing contractor should assess the roof’s condition, including how much weight it can handle. Before installing a rooftop solar system, contact the Evergreen roofing contractor manufacturer for written approval of the solar installation to ensure the roofing warranty will not be voided. Also, the fire classifications for the roof assembly and the solar system should be the same.